Park City Utah Hiking

Park City is a great location not only for the fun activities like skiing in the winter or golfing in the summer, but because of its incredible scenery.  If you come to Park City, and you are capable of handling it, hiking around the scenic routes is a great way to spend your time.  During the summer, the landscape of Park City is an incredible green that has many great places to discover.  If you come and backpack the trails, you will come across unforgettable locales and views that you will talk about to your friends until the next time you come down to Park City.

Utah is known for the great weather and the beauty of its nature, and Park City is no different.  Our great trails are made to be safe yet fun, giving enough of a challenge to keep you coming back every time you visit Park City.  And if you want a little extra fun, we have companies that offer horseback riding on some of our trails.  This changes the trails themselves and is a fantastic way to spend the day.

If you are a beginner or an expert, or if you don’t even know where to start when it comes to hiking, we have a number of organized guided hiking trips for people of any experience level.  We have everything from half day hikes to the multiday excursions that the big backpackers love, but all of it is available to you anytime.  Or if you have kids or want to have a more focused experience, we have hiking tours that will focus on subjects like geology, ecology, history and archaeology.  Hiking has never been so varied and entertaining.

With so many agencies out there to give you the best hiking experience possible, your safety is always a top priority.  Each one is always willing to give you information about any of the trails or hand you maps to make sure you don’t get lost.  They will also inform you about any regulations you have to abide by to make sure your safety and others safety is kept, but you will know all about them in the guidebooks that these agencies produce.

When you are out on the trails and looking at nature, a lot of times you won’t feel the time go by, but with the many camping areas in the National Forests, National Parks and State Parks, you can just set up camp and rest to start the hike right back up the next day.  Perfect, fun and safe for all ages, Park City has the ultimate in hiking trails that have not been touched by motorized vehicles, giving you backpackers a great vacation.