Golf in Park City

Park City is known for their great winters with crisp snow on every slope and calm weather throughout.  What many do not know is that in the summer when that snow melts, Park City is given the greenest most inviting golf courses you can find.  As a favored activity for all who visit in the summer months, the golf courses in Park City are all extremely well-kept and are surrounded by incredible beauty.  There are several golf courses that are lush green and give many a reason to come down to Park City during the perfect summer seasons.

Vacations are also meant for relaxation, not only for your body but also mentally.  Playing games is a great past time to get your mind and body in the spirit of relaxing.  When Park City started its life as a vacation spot, all it had was the famous Park Meadows Golf course.  It certainly is a great location, but has recently converted into a private club admitting only members in.  The good news is that Park City had to expand because of that.  In the last few years we have seen the development of several other golf courses.  Now for any golfer coming to have a great vacation, they will have a great assortment of choices of courses to play on.  Park City is now a great golfing locale for any and every type of player.

The iconic Jack Nicklaus also has designed a brand new amazing golf course here in Park City called the Painted Valley golf course.  Although it is a privately owned golf course, it takes up guests during the summer months and if you play on this great course, you will have an incredible time.  Not only that though, Park City also has a state of the art golf course known as the Glenwild that takes a Tom Fazio design and was built as the premier golf course that it has become.  And if you are looking for a course with great views, Tuhaye is a great course that overlooks the Deer Valley Ski Resort which is one of the resorts that has made Park City a world famous vacation spot.  Like we have said before, Park City offers every golfer whatever he or she is looking for.  Utah is the place for great summer golfing.

If you find yourself playing so much golf that you have exhausted all the courses in Park City, our neighboring cities also host many great greens.  Salt Lake City holds Mountian Dell which is an amazing 36 hole golf course.  And Heber contains at least five other golf courses to keep you busy.