Utah Olympic Park

Back when the Olympics were held here in Utah, Olympic Park was intelligently placed near The Canyons Resort at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains. This made it a great park to hold Olympic competition due to the amazing views, great weather, and perfect landscape. Since then, the 750,000 gallon training pool and ramps were kept in and now skiers and snowboarders use them during the summer to have fun and train. The public is also given the chance to take a tour and see what goes on behind the scenes of the Olympics while getting weekend freestyle pool shows by the pros.

The professionals aren’t the only ones that will get to have excitement if you come to Park City. The public has free admission to come into this internationally known location and will get to experience what the Olympic competitors went through. For example, on our K120 ski jump we have the steepest zip line going down so you can experience the thrill of a ski jump. And since the whole place was built with international standards, you can bet that you will see things here that you’ve never noticed in American built facilities.

If you’ve ever wanted to try bobsledding, and we know you’ve seen these little carts racing down a track on TV before, we have you covered. You can race down one of our Olympic tracks in a 4 person bobsled that is guided by a trained professional at the speeds of 70 miles per hour through hairpin curves and quick straights. It only takes a minute to go through the course, but it will be the most intense minute of your life. If you want something a little calmer, we do have a European style alpine slide that lets you weave down and jump off a K64 ski jump into the pool.

Before I mentioned that you can see the professionals practice during the weekend, so make sure that if you want to come down to Olympic Park, you make one of those days a Saturday. These Olympians and other professionals put on a high octane show for the public as they practice their unbelievable routines. Many times on Saturday, they run a 25 minute freestyle aerial show in the summer months that everyone has to see. This show is practiced and choreographed and is demonstrated in tune with band music leaving the viewers in total awe. Seeing people fly through the air and getting as high as 60 feet is amazing, and couple this with their incredible ability to perform their flips and spins throughout leaves you breathless. You have to bring your friends and family to this or your description of what you see won’t be able to compare to the real thing.