Perhaps the greatest part of Park City is the great variation of geology, landscape, recreational facilities, and more that exists within this amazing vacation spot. Over the years, these factors have become more and more prominent, growing up and working together to create an entertainment atmosphere unlike any other. Now, instead of the simple mining town it once was, Park City can provide a multiplicity of attractions and entertainment options that make this city an entertainment hot spot for the ages; welcome to Park City. Are you ready to have fun?

Truth be told, Park City offers the most attractions you will ever find in one place. There are so many places to visit and see, so many things to do and to experience, you’ll never be bored for one single second! The moment you step out of your cab and into the city proper, you’ll notice the dramatic rising and falling of the general elevation, a facet that creates a splendid combination of valleys and hills, buttresses and mountains, with the highest reaching upwards of 13,000 feet above sea level. From this incredible landscape, a world of adventure and wonder was born; from this incredible landscape, Park City has risen.

With these amazing landscape features, treasures are hidden everywhere while the jewel of the region is right in front of your nose: the spectacular ski slopes. Many a traveler has spent their days roaming the ski slopes of Park City, flying down the steep hills with a speed not meant for the frail of heart. A combination of the aforementioned slopes and the “greatest snow on earth” makes for a perfect mixture, one that is recognized the world over. Because of it, Park City is known as one of the world’s best ski towns; and that is only the beginning!

Meandering trails and nature that is as beautiful as it is wild make hiking and horseback riding another activity that is incredibly popular in this city. You’ll also find opportunities for warm water scuba diving in the Homestead Crater, amusement park thrills at Gorgoza Park and the Alpine Slide, as well as some extreme sport action with white water rafting, kayaking, and tubing. Add in the amazing live shows that visit Park City every year, as well as the numerous festivals—such as the Sun Dance Film Festival—and you get a vacation that is incredibly hard to beat. Everything about Park City is absolutely dazzling, but it is the activities and the attractions that truly make this place such an entertaining place.