When people think of Park City, they normally think of winter. And, with the beautiful snow, amazing ski slopes, and some of the most amazing ski lodges around, it’s easy to see why this is so. Park City is, without a doubt, a winter wonderland, and will always be a great place to visit during the winter. However, one of Park City’s greatest secrets is that it is also quite amazing during the summer. Don’t believe me? Well, here are some of the best reasons to come during the summer months!

Obviously, the winter is the most well-traveled time of the year for Park City, but that also means that prices go up precipitously. If you rent any of our Park City vacation rentals during the winter, you’ll be paying quite a bit more than you might be comfortable with; but, if you do the same thing during the summer, you’ll get great off-season discounts to make your vacation even more affordable.

In fact, everything that you could ever want to do in Park City during the summer is discounted, or is priced amazingly low. Whether you want to go horseback riding, visit some of the tourist attractions, or just experience the activities and entertainment of a Park City summer, you’ll never be paying too much. Most of the things that you can do are free—like hiking or sightseeing—while others, as we said, offer discounts to make sure you keep coming back. Truly, a summer vacation in Park City is quite an affordable thing!

Now, one of the untrue myths about this place is its lack of things to do during the summer. Many think that, since there is no snow, there’s nothing to do, so they avoid visiting. That, however, is completely untrue. During the summer, one can go golfing, exploring, fishing, rafting, horseback riding, hiking, mountain climbing, hot air ballooning and more! Plus, a whole range of concerts and events come through town during the summer months, giving you even more things to do and see while you are in town.

While winter is amazing, summer also provides quite a few reasons to book a Park City vacation; so look at our incredible vacation rentals and come on out! We know you’re going to love it!