Many people say the vacation rentals we offer here are better than spa hotels they’ve been to in the past. Many people say that, unlike those spas, we offer something more; something better that truly completes the vacation spirit. But, what many people may not realize is, though a Park City vacation is more than a spa trip, the spa can be incorporated into your vacation. Welcome to the Park City spas and massage parlors!

One of the most important parts of going on vacation is being relaxed, something that many places don’t offer. Oftentimes, major vacation spots are all “go go go”, and no “slow, slow, slow”. But, we here at Park City think this is wrong; after all, isn’t the point of going on vacation to get caught up on all that rest you miss in your regular work week? That’s our way of seeing it!

So, to help you with this experience, Park City offers several spa and massage locations throughout its borders, ensuring that you return from your vacation relaxed and ready to face the world. One of the many options offered here is the first class Essential Oils and Aroma therapy treatment. For just $90.00, this spa option will send you to a world of relaxation and tranquility, an opportunity that is hard to pass up!

But, this is only one of the more popular options provided here. All three major resorts—Park City Mountain Resort, Canyons Resort, and Deer Valley Resort—offer comprehensive spa packages to give you that vacation that you’ve always wanted. It may be an extravagance, but it’s worth it to get all those aches, pains, and worries massaged away. Believe us, Park City has the best in spa and massage treatments in all of Utah; your vacation will never be the same if you miss out!