When it comes to taking a vacation, there is one thing above all others that is almost always expected, and that is amazing vacation food. After all, these are one of the few times when people can cut loose a bit, relax, and not let the real world worry them. You need to cut yourself off from the world, and one way of doing that is opening up the check book and treating yourself.

Fortunately, if there is anything about this city that you can be sure of, it’s that Park City has some of the best restaurants you will ever experience!

With over 100 eateries, some of them counted among the world’s best, you will have a huge variety to choose from. Seafood, Chinese food, American, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, whatever; no matter what you want, Park City has it on a silver platter! And we mean that quite literally.

But, one of the best things about the food here is the family experience. Yes, most vacation spots do not offer a lot of wholesome family dining, so this may be somewhat difficult to believe; however, almost every one of our amazing restaurants has something to offer for everyone in the family, including a welcoming family atmosphere. For example, The Purveyor—a restaurant that specializes in salad fixings, sandwiches and soups—offers an adventurous venue for live music and delicious food, while still remaining suitable for the little ones in your family. The whole family will also love the Squatters Brew Pub, which offers adults a perfect place to drink, while serving a family friend menu that includes beefy burgers and spring roll salads in curry.

And yet, that doesn’t mean you won’t find anywhere to cut loose a little bit. If you want a night on the town, there is a huge bar scene, as well as quite a few restaurants and clubs open late to accommodate the night owls of Park City. Oftentimes, these restaurants will provide live music on the weekends, adding a fun atmosphere to the already delicious food! Trust us; if you love nightlife, this is the place for you!

From Main Street and Old Town to Deer Valley and Silverlake Village, restaurants of the highest quality can be found anywhere in this wonderful city. No matter where you stay, expect your cravings to be satisfied, and your stomach to be filled. Truly, this is a wonderful place to go if you love good food! And let’s be honest; who doesn’t?