One thing that Park City has always been known for—besides the skiing, restaurants, and all around amazing vacation rentals—is its incredible history, as well as the museums that tell its tale. Founded as a mining town, this wonderful place has an entire breadth of history that is profound and quite interesting to learn about. As a result, Old Town and other areas in the city are hot spots for some of the best museums in Park City, all of which give you an interesting look into the history of this little town, as well as the Western United States.

At any one of these museums, you’ll learn interesting facts such as when, why, and how the city was founded. You’ll also find much about the early settlers of the region and, on top of that, you’ll get some insight into the surrounding states as well, like Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado.

If you want to find out more about Utah history on the whole, then you’re in luck! Several museums across the city chronicle the state’s early years, as well as its triumphs and failures since it was first settled. Overall, the museums in Park City offer a wealth of knowledge so you may learn anything you may want to know. They are perfect places to take the children and, if you just want a day to be a true tourist, they are great for sightseeing as well.

In the end, you simply must visit one of the amazing museums in Park City—it’s an experience that you won’t ever forget!