Park City is a self-contained Resort area, something that has been true since its days as a mining town. As a result of this isolation from the rest of the world, it has given rise to a spectacularly interesting culture and artistic base. Many artists call this place home, and the culture of the area has had a long time to grow on its own, meaning that Park City—without a doubt—is your indisputable home for arts and culture. Just one look at the many art galleries that proliferate throughout the town is reason enough to believe this is true!

One of the many amazing reflections of the art and culture within this town is the Egyptian Theater, a favorite for locals and tourists alike. This theater is one of the coziest theaters you will ever be to, and it has an atmosphere—provided by a unique Ancient Egyptian motif—that reflects the distinctive flavor of this wonderful town. Whether you want to crack a rib with a hilarious comedy, or spend a night watching a heart throbbing romance with your loved one, the Egyptian Theater is surely the place to do it!

St. Regis is another Park City cultural icon that simply must be checked out as well. If you enjoy skiing, and you enjoy taking part in cultural rituals, then you have to have a cool cup of tea at this amazing little place. This ritual of taking tea has been maintained for years on end and, with a variety of different specialty teas that are almost the equivalent of a meal, there’s good reason too! Without a doubt, if you want to spend some time getting into the Park City spirit, go try out St. Regis; it’s definitely worth the time and money.

As for the art side of Park City, Curtis Olson is a must visit for any lover of the artistic passion. Truly, his work is a perfect reflection of Park City as a whole, so it is another cannot miss in this wonderful city. But, do not restrict your passion to just Curtis Olson. Hundreds of art galleries are waiting for you no matter where you go in Park City, so take the time to look around and experience the culture and artistic side of an already beautiful city. You’ll be happy you did!